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DLT Technology provides technical expertise in which we value an ongoing partnership. We provide trusted analysis, as well as assistance with continual growth for your business’ goals. We implement sound practices that best service our clients.



IT support service offers help with computer technology, specializing in small business environments, as well as residential spaces.

■ Offers affordable user-friendly technical solutions with electronic devices. This includes products such as computers, software, mobile phones, printers, and other electronics, such as televisions
■ Offers remote services to troubleshoot your technical issues
■ Offers installation and setup, virus & malware removal; computer tune-ups, home/office networking, email services, Wi-Fi connectivity, data backup services, software applications, training & guidance, and technical liaison



Digital telecommunication networks allow devices to exchange data over media such as wires, optic cables, or wireless media. IT network is the hardware and software resources of an entire communication, operation, management, and connectivity. IT security prevents unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of information; not limited to computers, but entire business standards.

■ Offers affordable network equipment, which includes enterprise network concept, which fits small business budgets
■ Offers innovative cost effective features, along with network custom packages designed for your business needs


Business consulting is affordable, professional advice, assisting with making major/minor business decisions.

■ DLT consultations resolve issues that administration is biased to, which can lead to misidentifying of problems and solutions
■ Take the guess work out of the, “You don’t know, what you don’t know concept.” (You cannot grow your business, without information that you are not privy to)
■ Maximize office production using innovative business practices
■ Save time and finances, by converting your current practices to specialty programming that minimizes time and effort


Home automation is the use of one or more devices to control basic home functions via automatic and remote access.

■ Offers affordable devices which include: locks, sensors, lighting, switches, doorbells, garage door controllers, thermostats, irrigation, appliances, window treatments, voice control, etc.
■ Offers control of daily tasks without the need of being present, saving time and resources.
■ Offers latest user friendly smart-home technology, making life easier


Security and surveillance monitors behaviors, activities, or other security breaches for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, and protecting people.

■ Offers affordable custom packages to fit your business/home
■ Offers wide ranges of cameras; door bell and PTZ cameras not limited to 720p – 4k resolution; night vision, and weatherproof features
■ Offers remote viewing features via smart phone, mac and windows browsers, as well as multiple internal viewing options
■ Offers custom home security system packages


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